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Online Mindfulness Sessions

Bristol Mindfulness is a collection of Mindfulness Teachers who all meet the Good Practice Guidelines in terms of Mindfulness teaching in the UK.

We are working together to offer online Moments of Mass Mindfulness practice and support sessions for those that have completed an MBSR course, those who already have a meditation/contemplative practice experience and to those that are new to mindfulness and interested in developing a practice.   Click link on the left to book via Eventbrite.  A donation is appreciated to help us meet our costs. 

Recordings of previous sessions are available in the left margin.  Please help yourself to them.

This has come about due to the outbreak of the COVID - 19 virus as we may be dealing with the following:

  1. We are all feeling disorientated and frightened in face of the epidemic that is affecting so many people around the world.

  2. Every individual is having, and will have, a different experience of this crisis. You may be at the forefront, or not affected much. Whatever the case, the core values and methods of a regular mindfulness practice are more relevant than ever.

  3. We will notice fear and anxiety rising up in our body and minds. Our thoughts will become overwhelmed and distracted at times. This is very natural in times of heightened anxiety but we also have to nurture ourselves too.

The intention behind these Zoom Support Sessions is an opportunity for practice in a held space so we can take the time to contact our own inner resources and natural good heart. To have inner stability, resilience, caring and inner peace is an enormous gift to ourselves and those around us.

We will soon open up similar sessions for those without any experience of mindfulness but for the time being these sessions are for those who appreciate the process of connecting with and honouring what’s here, whether that’s pleasant or unpleasant, and are confident to be able to work with that in meditation. Obviously we are somewhat restricted in what support we can offer during an online session but we have compiled some useful information should you need further support during a session.

Many people find mindfulness meditation helpful, especially in times of stress, and we aim to do what we can to support your meditation practice in a group setting. However, these sessions may not be suitable for you if you are currently experiencing acute emotional distress, or significant mental health difficulties such as clinical depression, an anxiety disorder, recent bereavement, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

These sessions are not a substitute for counselling, or other types of support from a trained mental health professional. In addition, during the practices, please feel free not to follow the teacher’s guidance, choosing to do what feels right for you if you feel overwhelmed at any point. For example, you might choose to move instead of being still, have eyes open instead of closed.

While some people find focusing on the breath calming, others find it can increase anxiety in which case, they can choose to focus on something else (e.g. feet touching floor, hands opening and closing, sights and sounds).If you experience any difficulty during the mindfulness practice session, please signal this to one of the teachers using the ‘chat’ option on your Zoom screen, and they will be able to speak to you individually and privately from the rest of the group.

They can then send you a list of organisations offering mental health support.

Feel free to email directly if you’d like more information, but for the latest times and dates of these sessions, please visit Bristol Mindfulness on Facebook.

The mindfulness community has responded with great compassion and generosity.  There’s a host of mindfulness sessions available online.  Here’s a couple we recommend:

    Oxford Mindfulness Centre

    The Mindfulness Network

    Jon Kabat-Zinn: Cultivating Mindfulness at this Critical Time


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