What is MoMM?

Moments of Mass Mindfulness was a online event that celebrated the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week 2020.   

MoMM enables people entirely new to mindfulness, and those with a regular practice, to experience the peace and support of engaging in mindfulness with other people - bringing a sense of connection and community. It is an opportunity to experience, perhaps for the first time, gentle mindfulness practices guided by a trained and experienced teacher, which can still the mind and body in the midst of the challenges we face at this time. The theme this year was deep connection and compassion.

Everyone is welcome. Please get in touch if you’d like to be informed when plans for MoMM 2021 are finalised.

Recorded Practice from this year. Please feel free to use the practices from this year’s event to pause, relax, receive and allow whatever is coming up for you at the moment, and breathe in some kindness for yourself.  There’s two practice to choose form and you can replay them as much as you feel is helpful and supportive.

Use these links to access the practices with Simon Barnes and Claire-Louise Symonds;



What is the format?

  1. 12pm Welcome and opening: Cllr Celia Phipps

  2. Guided mindfulness practice

  3. Conversations and sharing thoughts, feelings, and emotions that were noticed siting the practice and reflections on what supports our mental health Â

  4. Guided compassion-based mindfulness practice

  5. 1pm Concluding words and well wishing

What do I need for the session?
You can sit or lie down or stand whilst doing the practices. If sitting, a firm straight backed chair will support your practice better than an easy chair. If lying, a yoga mat or carpet is helpful to cushion the body.

How much is it to attend?
MoMM 2020 invites small donations ( £1.67 is the minimum possible, paid by card or Paypal at the time of booking through Eventbrite) which will be shared equally between  Bristol Mindfulness  (enabling us to offer continued support through regular online mindfulness sessions) and the national Mental Health Foundation.

Do I need to download anything to use Zoom?
No! Once you have booked onto MoMM and made your donation via Eventbrite, you will see online and receive a confirmation letter. You will also receive a Zoom login link from Eventbrite 2 hours before the session starts. This is all you need.

Your welfare and safety
MoMM offers a gentle guided experience of mindfulness. Most people find these practices supportive, especially in times of stress. However, the session may not be helpful if you are currently experiencing acute emotional distress, or significant mental health difficulties such as clinical depression, an anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder or if you have had a recent bereavement. Do get in touch with us if you want to discuss this or, if you are already in contact with a mental health professional, we suggest that you have a conversation with them about whether this is likely to be helpful right now.

Please use the chat button (public or private) at the end of the session to let us know how you found MoMM.

After the event
Bristol Mindfulness will send everyone who attended an audio file of the MoMM guided practices for their own use and information about local and other mindfulness resources, online sessions, courses and retreats.